Chamber of Commerce

MSACOC is a collection of like-minded local businesses, organizations and individuals who want Mantua to continue to be a thriving community where people can live, work, and play in a safe, friendly, welcoming environment. The goal of the Chamber of Commerce is to promote all the wonderful aspects of our community that make it unique and special for the people who live here or just visit us.

Our Mission

To support and work toward local harmony for the betterment of citizens and businesses in the Mantua-Shalersville Area and to be non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian in its activities.

Our Vision

Working with Businesses, Government, Schools and the Community to foster prosperity and growth for Mantua Village, Mantua Township, Shalersville Township and the surrounding areas.

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A little bit
about us

Our Chamber first formed back in 2002 by a group of small businesses that saw great potential in this area in the new century and were dedicated to making it a great place to live and work. They met regularly and discussed a number of ideas that could improve the community, but a business networking organization was limited in what it could do. They felt a new organization was needed to raise funds to make the changes necessary to carry the Mantua-Shalersville area forward. And the Downtown Mantua Revitalization Committee (DMRC) was formed to focus on creating a vibrant downtown center where community members could gather for fun and entertainment. They have gone on to make significant improvements to the downtown area, the latest being the new sidewalk and facades planned for the east side of Main Street in 2024. Meanwhile the Chamber of Commerce continues to serve as a networking organization of businesses and organizations that want to improve their businesses and the community in which they operate.
We meet monthly (mostly) on the third Thursday of the month at 5:00. We hold our meetings at a different business each month so we can learn more about what each business or organization contributes to our community. We invite speakers to educate our members about ways to improve your business. We support local community events. We provide scholarships to graduates of our local school.

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